BREAKERMATIC 3PHASES is an electronic protector that supervises the voltage feedline of three-phased equipment. It prevents damages in three-phased equipment disconnecting them automatically when the voltage line is too high or too low for the equipment to operate safely. It also prevents the engine to restart when the phase sequence has been inverted or when one of the phases is off.

BREAKERMATIC 3PHASES/M (Intelligent Version), has a microprocessor that checks, besides the voltage and phase sequence, the unbalance between the line voltage,the frequency and the angle between the pahses, disconnecting the output, in case they reach harmful levels for the equipment it's protecting. Protection against this unbalance is important in sensitive equipment, because the overheating of the engines increase rapidly when the phases are not in balance. When normal conditions are re-established, both models will wait for an adjustible time that will be used to avoid the simultaneous start of several loads, and the premature start, in case of refirgeration eqiupment or any other pertinent applications.

BREAKERMATIC 3PHASES has trimmers that adjust the voltage limits and the maximum allowed unbalance (in/M version) to the desired values; it also has a delay time adjuster. It has in its frontal panel; different light signals conveniently located that show the condition of the line and of the timer. It can handle any load operated by an external contactor, by interrupting the control current. Most of the Three-phased equipment have their own contactor. See the connection chart on the reverse.

BREAKERMATIC 3PHASES is available in different models for Three-phase, Three-wire systems in 208, 220, 440 and 480VAC. Connection is conveniently performed through a high capacity line outlet covered by a security cap. The equipment is built with a high resistance, fire retardant plastic material, approved for its use in electrical panels and equipment.

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