BREAKERMATIC FAX is an electronic voltage protector especially designed to prevent damages in your fax machine. It protects your fax automatically by turning it off, whenever there is a blackout or when the voltage line is too high or too low for the equipment to operate safely. When the voltage returns to its normal level, the protector begins a delay cycle of 5 seconds approximately, before turning the equipment on again. This allows the system to check the correct re-establishment of the line conditions.

BREAKERMATIC FAX also has a peak and transient suppressors required especially for the protection of electronic equipment. These suppressors are located in the voltage feed line as well as in the telephone line. In its frontal panel, you will find different light signals that show the condition of the line and of the protector. It connects directly to any electrical outlet, which makes its installation very easy. When doing so, your fax will be protected 24 hours a day.

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