BREAKERMATIC TMP-420 is an especially designed system to program the starting sequence of machines and/or equipment in industries, factories or workshops, with the purpose of reducing the electricity consumption peak. TMP-420 also protects your equipment against temporary blackouts by keeping the machine off during an ajustable time period.This is a very effective protection for compressors in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

BREAKERMATIC TAM-240 (Minimum Turn Off Temporizer) is an especially designed equipment for protection against short cycles in refrigeration systems. It can be used in 24V, 110V and 220V refrigeration control systems. There are models with capacity of handling loads from 10A up to 30A.

BREAKERMATIC RLC-024/240 (Fan Relays) is an electronic control relay, specially designed to activate fans and compressors in: fan coils, condenser units, uma's and to any application that requires the supervision of currents up to 30A/250V, driven by voltage control of 24 or 110/220V.

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