How the power supply disturbances may affect specific appliances

The refrigeration systems are sensitive to several disturbances on power supply system. This system must be protected because they are continuously plugged into an electrical supply and they are expensive appliances. The disturbances that usually affect these systems are:

{1} Short time blackouts. Most of the household refrigerators use a low torque compressor that requires the equalizing of pressures between the high and low pressure sides before it can start. Failure to protect the compressors will produce a high inrush current causing hot spots and overheating at the motor windings. The short time(less than 1 minute) blackouts are too short to allow the pressure equalization that requires approx 3 minutes to perform.

(2) The continuous high voltage (steady state). The rises on line voltage produce a rise in heat production rates. A 20% rise in AC voltage produces 80% rise in heat production rate. This heat progressively damages the isolation at the motor windings, mechanic parts, oils, etc. and finally the compressor fails.

(3) The continuous low voltage (steady State). Whenever the voltage goes low, the compressor less efficient(less heat looses) and the power factor Rises, but the power available to start the compressor low rising time Required to start (the in rush current peak duration). At lower voltages the available is not enough to start the compressor and the inrush becomes permanent reaching the locked rotor value. The compressor “jump" trying to start causing mechanical damages also. This situation destroys the compressor in a short period of time.

{B} ELECTRONICS APPLIANCES, TV’s, Vcr's, Computers, Stereos, Etc.

Electronic appliances are less sensitive to low voltage conditions. Instead they are very sensitive to spikes and high voltages transients. Electronic devices or appliance power supplies may be easily destroyed by very high voltage spikes. These spikes are frequent when the power returns after a blackout.

The continuous high voltage also can overheat and damage the voltage Transformer, Input Capacitor, Regulator, Micro Processor, etc in the appliance. Low voltage conditions may also affect some types of electronic appliances. So, the protector for electronic appliances would perform high and low voltage protection, a peak suppressor and a short time (approximately 5 seconds) delay after the power comes back. Considering our customer you could expect to reduce 75% of the failure index on compressors and electric appliances when you use a BREAKERMATIC protector.



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