How the Breakermatic protectors work?

The BREAKERMATIC protector monitors the line voltage and switches off the appliance when it goes beyond the predefined voltage limits. These limits are selected at the factory according to the application of a country. After the voltage returns to the normal condition, the protector starts a delay cycle. The delay time is also factory selected {there are some adjustable models} according to the required application. The appliance is switched on when the delay finishes. The protector for electronic appliances comes with a transient voltage suppressor designed to limit the short duration voltage spikes and a fuse.

Technical Issues

{1} Voltage Limits.
The selection of a voltage limit for a specific application is not an easy task. We must consider the broad spectrum of brands, models, manufactures with different operating voltage ranges. Of course, we also must consider the electrical conditions of the target country. Selecting strict limits comes to get a more sensitive protector that switches off the appliance more often than one with less strict limits. From another point of view, if the voltage limits are selected too strict, then there will be more places in any specific area where the normal mean voltage goes outside or in the vicinity of the limits. The end result is less useful working time of the appliance. If the cuts are too often, the user will disconnect the protector getting no protection for appliances. In other words, selecting more permissive voltage limits goes to get a less protected appliance but with more useful working time. The current BREAKERMATIC voltage limits were selected after a long evaluating period and represent a middle ground between safety and useful appliance working time.

{2} Limits tolerances. The selected limits have a narrow span around their nominal values. They were designed to exhibit a 2% tolerance. All the protectors are tested to match this condition. A small tolerance is as important as the selection of the limit in order to get the best relation between safety and working time.



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