BREAKERMATIC ULTRA 220 is an electronic high capacity voltage protector especially designed to avoid damages in refrigeration appliances, due to alterations and other problems in the electrical supply. It protects your equipment automatically by turning it off whenever there is a blackout or when it detects an extremely high or low voltage for the refrigerator to work safely.When the voltage returns to its normal level, the protector begins a delay cycle of 3 minutes approximately, before turning the equipment on again. This stabilizes the pressure within the refrigeration system, making the re-start smoother because the compression engine will work under a minimum load.

BREAKERMATIC ULTRA 220 has a special feature called Autostart that reduces the delay cycle to a few seconds, when it's connected after being disconnected for a long time. In its frontal panel, you will find different light signals that show the condition of the line and of the protector.

BREAKERMATIC ULTRA 220 is highly recommended for high capacity one phase equipment requiring high electrical power. It can supply up to 30A, which allows handling compressors up to 2HP in 220V. It has a strong built, so it can be used in businesses and in factories as well. It connects conveniently through a line outlet covered by a security cap that prevents accidental contact with the terminals, and can be fixed easily to the wall or to the equipment's chassis through a practical support.


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