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What is an electronic protector?
The BREAKERMATIC electronic protectors are designed to protect appliances against harmful high, low and ' sharp peaks ' in voltages, and blackouts. The protector switches the appliance off whenever a harmful voltage condition is detected. Depending on specific applications, the protectors could include additional features like high voltage transient suppressers, delay on make timers and phases sequence and unbalance detectors. An electronic protector for refrigerators must protect against low and high voltages, and it must include a delay timer of 3 minutes in order to effectively prevent damages to the refrigerators.
Why is it important to use a Breakermatic Voltage Protector?
Commonly, the electrical supply voltage suffers variations caused by changes in the demand. The failures in any branch or sector of the distribution system will also cause changes in the steady-state voltage at the branches or sector in the neighborhood of the affected sector. Failure on the neutral conductor is another source of voltage rise and drop. In many cases, these voltage variations may reach harmful levels causing damages by overheating. The short blackouts and brownouts also cause problems to the equipment electrical system, whereby affecting the necessary conditions for restarts, e.g.: Compressors, Electrical pumps, etc. Finally, the continuous switching of the reactive loads cause several voltage transients that could reach sensitive appliances plugged-in.


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